July 2nd 2009

A few site problems, all fixed now.  Getting geared up for Otakon.  Are you?

March 10th 2009

Due to come site problems i have not been able to update.  Soon i will have new
ideas up for everyone!

Aug. 5th 2008

As of today the site is on brake till the 16th.  

In other news  We have a ton of new stuff.  Brooches, chokers and earrings are
up from the Eternal Senshi.  Also a Sailor Jupiter Set it up.  Be on the look out
for after the brake Eternal moon Hair pearls, hair shield, choker, and brooch!

Commissions are open and ready for you!
  Welcome to Topaz's World of Cosplay Jewelry.  You will find pages full of
handmade one of a kind jewelry based off of your favorite anime and manga.  
We also take orders for your cosplaying needs and other custom ideas.
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